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G15 & G40 Air Assisted spray gun Graco Air Assited

Graco’s new G15 and G40 air-assisted spray guns provide high quality finishes with a wide variety of solvent and waterborne materials. A key feature of the lightweight gun is its ability to significantly vary its spray pattern without changing tips simply by rotating the fan pattern adjustment knob. The two models also feature a new air cap that provides uniform atomization and improved finish quality, as well as soft spray capabilities.
The G15 is a 105 bar model for use in the wood industry and other low and medium pressure applications.

The G40 is a 280 bar model for higher pressure industrial applications. A Reverse-a-clean and and a high flo version of the G40 are expected to be released later this year.

The guns are very lightweight and have an extremely light trigger pull ensuring maximal operator comfort.
Key applications

• Wood and furniture
• General metal
• Farm and construction
• Truck and bus
• Aerospace
• Electronics

Key materials

• Solvent or water-based materials
• Varnishes
• Lacquers
• Polyurethanes
• Two components
• High Solids
• Stains
• UV-Curing

Ref Model Time Price excl tax (€)
24C855 GUN ASSEMBLY,G40,280BAR 5 days 790.00 €
878.00 €
24C854 GUN ASSEMBLY,G15,105BAR 5 days 695.00 €
753.00 €

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