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Regenerator and washer - Ultrasonic cleaning machines

Ultrasonic Cleaning and Induction Systems TD US from 50-120 Liters

  • Array Ultrasonic Cleaning and Induction Systems

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines


Designed to clean products with a high-grade finish


Residual grease, abrasive cleaners and oils left in awkward corners and indentations by the machinery used to manufacture these objects are easily removed by the ultrasonic cavitation produced in the cleaning liquid.


Product range includes models to meet all types of requirements, from the needs of the craftsman to industrial applications such as:

1. Precision Mechanic / Machine Parts & Automobile Industry:

Precision cleaning of critical and delicate components by means of adjustable power settings. Expert cleaning of all types of metal parts including gears, springs, filters, tube, pipe, hinges, ball bearings, brushes.

2. Jewellery, Silverware, Watches, Eyewear Manufacturing:

Removal of investment after casting. Removal of rouge and other buffing and polishing compounds. Removal of oil/grease in chain manufacturing process.


3. Jewellery Markets:

Cleaning of finished goods (watches, chains, rings etc. by the piece or in bulk).


4. Dental Labs:

Final cleaning of instruments with maximum power and delicate cleaning of cosmetic/corrective prostheses with adjustable power setting.


5. Hospital/Surgical:

Degreasing of surgical instruments, artificial components, etc. Sterilization chemicals can be added to beakers and used in the tank.


6. Computer - Electronic:

Cleaning of disk drives, chips, p.c. boards etc. Precision cleaning of printer heads, platens, memory cards and other components.


Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine: TD US from 50-120 Liters


Transducers, tried and tested over a long period in the manufacture of Ultrasonic Cleaners, are also produced in an
immersion version.
Contained within a waterproof AISI 316 stainless steel casing, they can easily be mounted on the bottom or sides of even
large-scale baths, wherever high levels of ultrasonic power are required. These immersion transducer units are piezoelectric with ceramic crystals. Where multiple units are used, the generators are connected to each other via optic fibre, resulting in a overall, synchronised generating system providing great power and cleaning efficiency. 




- 4-level power adjustment: 66%, 77%, 89% and 100%
- High efficiency with automatic search of the optimum working point of the system which consists of transducer and tank
- Controlled by microprocessor
- Possibility of personalising the position of the cable outlet at the customer’s request.