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Regenerator and washer - Ultrasonic cleaning machines

Ultrasonic Cleaning and Induction Systems CP316 DIGIT - 16 Liters

  • Array Ultrasonic Cleaning and Induction Systems
  • Array Ultrasonic Cleaning and Induction Systems
  • Array Ultrasonic Cleaning and Induction Systems

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines

Designed to clean products with a high-grade finish


Residual grease, abrasive cleaners and oils left in awkward corners and indentations by the machinery used to manufacture these objects are easily removed by the ultrasonic cavitation produced in the cleaning liquid.


Product range includes models to meet all types of requirements, from the needs of the craftsman to industrial applications such as:

1. Precision Mechanic / Machine Parts & Automobile Industry:

Precision cleaning of critical and delicate components by means of adjustable power settings. Expert cleaning of all types of metal parts including gears, springs, filters, tube, pipe, hinges, ball bearings, brushes.

2. Jewellery, Silverware, Watches, Eyewear Manufacturing:

Removal of investment after casting. Removal of rouge and other buffing and polishing compounds. Removal of oil/grease in chain manufacturing process.


3. Jewellery Markets:

Cleaning of finished goods (watches, chains, rings etc. by the piece or in bulk).


4. Dental Labs:

Final cleaning of instruments with maximum power and delicate cleaning of cosmetic/corrective prostheses with adjustable power setting.


5. Hospital/Surgical:

Degreasing of surgical instruments, artificial components, etc. Sterilization chemicals can be added to beakers and used in the tank.


6. Computer - Electronic:

Cleaning of disk drives, chips, p.c. boards etc. Precision cleaning of printer heads, platens, memory cards and other components.




- Incorporate vibrating transducers which are more than 90% efficient

- Equipped with silicon static generators.
- The main structure of the unit and the tanks are made entirely from inox stainless steel; the units include: drainage valve, timer switch to control washing time, resistances, thermostat for temperature control, automatic safety switch and a washing power regulator.

For a better efficiency, machines are equipped with transducers which operate at 39KHz. The transducers are piezoelectric type, featuring high energy and minimum stress on the product being cleaned.



These ultrasonic cleaners have the most complete range of controls and functions to be found on
the market today.

Digital time, temperature and cleaning power controls with completely intuitive setting, which
the user can learn easily and quickly.

These Ultrasonic Cleaners are equipped with a solid-state generator controlled by microprocessor. The latter carries out continuous measurement of the power delivered by the cleaner and tunes the generator to maintain optimum cleaning conditions. Variations in liquid level and temperature are thus automatically compensated for and the cleaning efficiency is maintained constant. This means that the user can rely on consistent cleaning results and times,
thus keeping operating costs to a minimum.

These Ultrasonic Cleaners are equipped with self-diagnostics to prevent damages if conditions are not right. For example: a lack of cleaning liquid is automatically detected by the machine which halts the heating process until the necessary minimum level is reached again.

These Ultrasonic Cleaners generate a high level of ultrasonic power and so guarantee a rapid and efficient cleaning action. In addition, the possibility of programming the level of power delivered allows the same machine to be used on delicate details which require treatment with lower energy levels.

These Ultrasonic Cleaners are constructed using the latest electronic technology. The parts inside are modular, easily replaceable and do not require any calibration. The high efficiency of the generator and the absence of moving mechanical parts guarantee the machine an extremely long lifetime. The materials used in the casing and baths of cleaners feature high levels of resistance to mechanical stresses and to the aggressive qualities of the washing liquids commonly employed.

Conforms to the International Standards currently applicable for Electrical Safety and E.M.C.
Level control of sound emission according to IEC 60651 class 1.



Bench-Top Cleaning Machines: CP316 Digit - 16 Liters


Model CP316 Digit are usually used in goldsmithery and costume jewellery workshops, dental technicians’ laboratories, hospital departments responsible for washing surgical instruments and analysis testtubes (before sterilisation), precision mechanical workshops, spectacle-frame manufacturing and optical laboratories.

The CP316 Digit use a microprocessorcontrolled ultrasound generation system. This regulates the energy supplied to the transducer unit dynamically, so as to obtain the maximum cleaning power, optimum performance and long life for the transducers themselves.
All cleaning parameters (power, time and temperature) are digitally adjustable, and their current settings are shown on individual displays.



- Digital adjustment of the cleaning time: from to 60 minutes
- Digital adjustment of the temperature: from 0 to 80°C
- Digital power adjustment: from 50% to 99%
- High efficiency and reliability
- Consistent cleaning quality regardless of the working conditions
- Automatic shut off of the heating element when insufficient water level
- Stainless steel construction
- Drainage valve

Ref Model Time Price excl tax (€)
CP316 USCP 316 DIGIT 300W 16L 8 days 3,000.00 €

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