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High Performance Handwash Cleaner for Waterborne Paints DR-1000 & 1000-M

  • Array High Performance Handwash Cleaner for Waterborne Paints
  • Array High Performance Handwash Cleaner for Waterborne Paints
  • Array High Performance Handwash Cleaner for Waterborne Paints

DRESTER 1000 & 1000-M

The washer manual gun the best selling for waterborne paints.


1000 : Water cleaner 1000 - manual with flocculation system
1000M: Water cleaner 1000 - manuel with flocculation system and integrated Stainless Steel Pneumatic paddle mixer.


Easy to use, flexible in operation and created with the aim of minimal environmental impact.

Easy to use

Water borne paints are considerably harder to remove from spray guns than conventional paints.

Hence the Drester 1000 has been fitted with a pre-wash brush and rinse gun. The brush is fed with recycled water and the gun with fresh water, while the latter is designed specially for effective high-pressure cleaning of spray-gun paint channels.




1. Adapted for different paint systems
For example, the brush and rinse gun can both be supplied with either fresh or recycled water. There are also special optional extras such as a separate flush gun for different washing liquids, and a pneumatic paddle agitator for certain applications.

2. Low water consumption and recovery
Thanks to its effective cleaning and water re-use facility, water consumption is low and the environmental impact is lessened. After filtration the water can be re-used or simply pumped away through an evacuation hose.

3. Efficient filter system
Drester 1000 ensures simple and efficient filtration of the wash water. The paint sludge collects in a primary filter that can afterwards be discarded or evacuated and re-used. A main filter traps the small particles in the liquid, resulting in clear water. The use of two filters makes for simple handling and increases the service life of the main filter.

4. Powerful diaphragm pump
All the functions of the Drester 1000 are powered by compressed air and it makes use of the Drester diaphragm pump manufactured of totally non-corrosive materials, this pump allows water recovery, liquid agitation and complete cleaner evacuation.

The diaphragm pump delivers the liquid at high pressure. This is essential for efficient rinsing of spray-gun paint channels, specially if the rinse gun on the cleaner is set for recycled water.

Technical Info


Include all the characteristics of Drester 950:


- Hand wash with brush and rinse gun at high-pressure.

- Water reuse by a flocculation system and a non-immersion full double filter system.

- Automatic water brewing.

- Pump Drester for quick and effective washing and water recycling.

- Round wash tank to allow quick and easy maintenance.

- Equipped with air pressure regulator.
- 3-years warranty on the Diaphragm pump.


As well as:


- Adapted to several manufacturer's requirements of waterborne paint systems.
- Control Panel.
- Shelf to place cleaned pieces.
- Pedal power to allow working with both hands.
- Automatic water drain.
- Integrated Stainless Steel Pneumatic paddle mixer for better flocculation (ONLY for 1000-M model).


Technical Characteristics

Liquid volume: 35 litres
Working pressure: 5-12 bar, 100 l/min
Weight (net): 24 kg
Water flow through the pre-wash brush: 1.5-2 l/min
Water flow through the rinse gun: 1.5-2 l/min

Ref Model Time Price excl tax (€)
DR-1000 DR-1000 Aqua Cleaner Manual with Flocculation System for Waterborne paints 1 days 1,572.62 €
DR-1000M DR-1000M Aqua Cleaner - Manual with Flocculation System and Stainless Steel Pneumatic Mixer 1 days 1,745.85 €

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