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Xtreme Airless Sprayer Graco Airless

  • Array Xtreme Airless Sprayer Graco
  • Array Xtreme Airless Sprayer Graco
  • Array Xtreme Airless Sprayer Graco

the new NXT Xtreme™ Sprayers

These new Sprayers with NXT air motor technology meet our customers’ requirements even better than before.
The superior performance makes the job completion a whole lot quicker and easier and possible downtime is now reduced to an all time low. Thanks to improved durability and quality, the new NXT Xtreme™ Sprayer will go on much longer. Actually, it will go on that much longer that even repairs will be a rare phenomenon.
Everything you need to be the proud and satisfied owner of an NXT Xtreme™ Sprayer… and still more!

The NXT Xtreme™ Sprayer will stand beside you in the most rugged situations, as you will get not only a more powerful, de-icing motor with a lower level of noise, you will also have full control. You can now rely on the new DataTrak™ Pump Monitor. This feature will prevent the air motor to get into runaway condition and gives the necessary information about cycle counts, which reduces the number of necessary maintenances.

In addition, the polymer body armour won’t rust or dent and also, the heavy-duty cart will withhold in the most Xtreme™ conditions and the slide rails, lift handles and flat-free, semi-pneumatic tires will make your new Sprayer easy to handle.
Finally, the new Cromex™ coated piston of the Xtreme™ lower garantuees a long life under Xtreme™ conditions.
So you can get the job done.

Ref Model Time Price excl tax (€)
X55DH1 XTREME SPRAYER,55:1,D-ICE,HD,COMP D.TRAK 5 days 4,300.00 €
5,060.00 €
X55DH3 XTREME SPRAYER,55:1,D-ICE,HD,COMP NO D.T 5 days 3,970.00 €
4,660.00 €
X60DH1 XTREME SPRAYER,60:1,D-ICE,HD,COMP D.TRAK 5 days 4,760.00 €
5,600.00 €
X60DH3 XTREME SPRAYER,60:1,D-ICE,HD,COMP NO D.T 5 days 4,420.00 €
5,200.00 €
X70DH1 XTREME SPRAYER,70:1,D-ICE,HD,COMP D.TRAK 5 days 4,760.00 €
5,600.00 €
X70DH3 XTREME SPRAYER,70:1,D-ICE,HD,COMP NO D.T 1 days 4,420.00 €
5,200.00 €
X90DH1 XTREME SPRAYER,90:1,D-ICE,HD,COMP D.TRAK 5 days 4,760.00 €
5,600.00 €
X90DH3 XTREME SPRAYER,90:1,D-ICE,HD,COMP NO D.T 255 days 4,420.00 €
5,200.00 €

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Name: XTR Airless spray gun Graco
Designation : XTR 7 500 bar