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Merkur Pump Graco Bare

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  • Array Merkur Pump Graco

Merkur™ Bare Pump,

Achieve the right flows at the right pressures to fit all of your spraying needs: with 4 air motor sizes and 13 different models to choose from, the new and improved Merkur fine finish packages are designed to improve productivity, reduce costs, lower emissions and provide consistent, high quality finishes for all your demanding applications.

By combining a Merkur pump with a variety of guns and accessories, or by adding a siphon hose, hopper, heater or filter (with or without drain valve) option, you can define the package that’s right for your application such as air-assisted wood finishing, air-assisted general metal finishing, wood furniture and cabinetry finishing applications. The Merkur handles materials such as catalyzed lacquers, shear-sensitive coatings or waterborne lacquers.

The Merkur’s low air consumption increases efficiency and a muffler provides low operating noise levels. Access to the external valve allows easy servicing and online replacement to minimize downtime. The throat seal and rod enclosure protect the pumped material and wet cup from contamination, but can be easily removed to monitor and service.

Ref Model Time Price excl tax (€)
W10CAS PUMP,ASSY,10:1,75CC,NO MONIT./LN,SS 5 days 1,616.00 €
2,020.00 €
W15AAS PUMP,ASSY,15:1,25CC,NO MONIT./LN,SS 5 days 1,464.00 €
1,830.00 €
W15BAS PUMP,ASSY,15:1,50CC,NO MONIT./LN,SS 5 days 1,544.00 €
1,930.00 €
W15FAS PUMP,ASSY,15:1,50CC,NO MONIT./LN,SS 5 days 2,240.00 €
2,800.00 €
W18EAS PUMP,ASSY,18:1,125CC,NO MONIT./LN,SS 5 days 1,960.00 €
2,450.00 €
W23DAS PUMP,ASSY,23:1,100CC,NO MONIT./LN,SS 5 days 1,920.00 €
2,400.00 €
W24FAS PUMP,ASSY,24:1,150CC,NO MONIT./LN,SS 5 days 2,272.00 €
2,840.00 €
W28EAS PUMP,ASSY,28:1,125CC,NO MONIT./LN,SS 5 days 1,848.00 €
2,310.00 €
W30AAS PUMP,ASSY,30:1,25CC,NO MONIT./LN,SS 5 days 1,616.00 €
2,020.00 €
W30CAS PUMP,ASSY,30:1,75CC,NO MONIT./LN,SS 5 days 1,744.00 €
2,180.00 €
W36DAS PUMP,ASSY,36:1,100CC,NO MONIT./LN,SS 5 days 2,096.00 €
2,620.00 €
W48CAS PUMP,ASSY,48:1,75CC,NO MONIT./LN,SS 5 days 2,272.00 €
2,840.00 €

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Name: Spray Package Merkur Graco
Designation : Airless

Name: Spray Package Merkur Graco
Designation : Air Assisted

Name: Spray Package Merkur Graco
Designation : Air Assisted Electrostatique

Name: High Pressure Fluid Outlet Filter Graco
Designation : High Pressure