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Custom Micron CM-C2 Plus airbrush IWATA CM-C2 Plus

  • Array Custom Micron CM-C2 Plus airbrush IWATA

· Feed: gravity
· ø Fluid nozzle: 0,18mm or 0,23mm
· ø Needle: 0,18 mm or 0,23mm
· Type: double action
· Capacity: 7,0 ml
· Replaceable Teflon™ Needle Packing
· Pre-Set Cut-Away Handle
· Adjustable Main Lever Tension

The CM-C2 Plus is excellent for these applications:

- Custom Automotive
- Illustration
- Fine Art
- Model Painting
- Figurines/Miniatures
- Thin Cosmetics

For the elite professional who demands precise and accurate control of very detailed spraying, this Custom Micron Series brush is built to be the "best of the best," hand-tested and adjusted by the world's leading airbrush technicians.

Special machining processes along with the meticulous hand-fitting of the parts create an airbrush with superb atomization and incredible control.

By removing the crown cap and nozzle cap, this airbrush will spray an entire range of stipple effects, from very fine to coarse textures.

· Using the same matched-head assembly as the other trusted Custom Micron airbrushes, the Custom Micron CM-C Plus has the same precise feel that's entirely unique to a Custom Micron airbrush

· A breakthrough technology, the Micro Air Control (MAC) Valve enables infinite control of the airflow at the head of the airbrush, which provides even more control of stippling, fine details and finely atomized background spraying

· The new solvent-proof Teflon™ needle packing allows for the use of automotive or other solvent-based paints

· The funnel shape of the redesigned gravity-feed cup lets the airbrush be used effectively with only a couple drops of paint, ensuring a fast and thorough clean up

· A cutaway handle enables users to grab the needle-chucking nut and quickly pull back the needle to flush paint out of the cup and paint passageways for a quick and easy clean up.

Ref Model Time Price excl tax (€)
ICM_4502 CUSTOM MICRON AIR BRUSH CM-C2 Plus 0.23 mm 6 days 432.00 €
480.00 €
ICM_4518 CUSTOM MICRON AIR BRUSH CM-C2 Plus 0.18 mm 6 days 432.00 €
480.00 €

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